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CTX is a file archiver which uses advanced contextual modelling techniques combined with multiple optimization tricks. This helps CTX to achieve superb compression rates on typical data, such as texts, executables, waves, pictures, JPEG & MPEG files, office documents, etc.

CTX core has a lot of settings which can be used to adjust compression/speed level. In fact, it is one of the fastest universal contextual compressors.

CTX's last version is 0.75. Currently project is educational & free, but in future it is planned to become shareware.

Since CTX is very new & rare utility, you may want some data to compare it with widespread programs of its class. Related tables can be found in benchmarking section.

CTX is being developed by Nikita Lesnikov, a student from Belarus. The project is closed-source.

You may contact author through e-mail, snail, or forum. All related info can be found on author's homepage.

I hope you will enjoy that piece of software.

Nikita Lesnikov20.09.2003

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